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    Usted se encuentra en el sitio Web de las materia Tecnologías y Conceptos de Arquitectura de Software, edición 1er. cuatrimestre 2007. Para mayor información sobre la misma navegue las opciones del menú que se encuentra a la izquierda.

    Unas palabras de David Garlan...

    Of all the metaphors for software architecture, an avian wing is one of the most compelling. It can be shown emphasizing any of a number of structures (feathers, skeletal, circulatory, musculature) each of which must be compatible with the others and work towards fulfilling a common purpose. The feathers are elements that at a glance are replicated countless times across the wing, but upon closer inspection reveal a rich sub-structure of their own, and small but systematic variations so that all feathers are almost alike but no two are identical.

    The wing exhibits strong quality attributes: lightness in weight, aerodynamic sophistication, outstanding thermal protection. Its reliability, cycling through millions of beats, is unparalleled. The wing can be said to have behavior, and how it moves determines how the bird flies. In coarse terms, the wing extends, flaps, and retracts, but in finer terms the bird commands movements almost too subtle to see to control pitch, roll, and yaw with exquisite finesse. We try, and have tried for millennia, to comprehend the wing by examining its parts, from different points of view. But the whole wing is much more than the sum of its elements and structures - it is in the whole that beauty and grace emerge. Mankind’s technology still cannot replicate its exquisite abilities. The common starling, a good but not a great flier, can slip through the air at 21 body lengths per second with merely nominal effort. That’s about what the world’s fastest aircraft (at 2,000 miles per hour) is able to manage.

    Structure, sub-structure, replication with variation, behavior, quality attributes, and emergent properties of the entire system (all of these are important aspects to capture when documenting a software architecture. We haven’t learned how to document beauty and grace yet, but for that we substitute the documentation of rationale) what the designer had in mind. For software, we can do this. For the wing of a bird, we can only admire the result.

    David Garlan


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