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    Professor: Beniamino Accattoli


    The λ-calculus is the model behind functional programming languages and proof assistants, as well as a proof formalism for intuitionistic logic. Its dynamics is based on a single rewriting rule, β-reduction. The understanding of cost models for the λ-calculus was very limited [BG95, AM98, SGM02, DLM08], untill very recently. The abstract character of the λ-calculus comes at a price, known as size-explosion: there are malicious programs that in a linear number of β-steps produce an exponential output, thus apparently forbidding to take the number of β-steps as a reasonable cost model. Recently, the situation changed. Notably, Accattoli and Dal Lago showed that the number of (leftmost) β-steps is, surprisingly, a reasonable cost model [AL14]. Such a result is the apex of an emerging quantitative theory of β-reduction [ABKL14, ABM14, AC15, AG16, AGK18]. This course will introduce the study of cost models and size-explosion, as well as the basic concepts of the quantitative theory.

    Remark: Due to public demand, the course will also include a general introduction to the topic.

    Brief Index:

    1. Introduction to reasonable cost models. Size explosion. Literature on the topic (based on [A18]).

    2. Abstract machines and a proof that the call-by-name weak λ-calculus is reasonable ([A16]).

    3. The call-by-value case. The open case and its different presentations ([AG16]).

    4. The standardisation theorem and the subterm property ([ABKL14],[AL14]).

    5. Multi types and evaluation lengths ([AGK18]). Required Background Basics of functional programming, rewriting theory, and logic.


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